Son without Dad
hi guys ,now I have kik! but ask me first

about me:

hi!I am a boy of 26 years without a father because he died! I'm short, hairy, which needs a father who cares for me.I'm Brazilian.i love dads I love incest father / son and uncle / nephew family incest gay man hope you enjoyed!

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This tumblr does contain sexual scenes and/or comments of a fantasy incest.

if there is any posting that is not compliant, please let me know and send me a message .

The terms incest ,dad ,son describe role-play behaviors of mature, consenting adult men OVER 18.

This site is NOT for anyone under 18.

If you are under 18 years of age or offended by such material please EXIT immediately.

This blog is NSFW

(sorry for any grammar mistake I'm still learning)
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    Last night on spring break they all just say “fuck it let’s go” :)

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